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Livmed’s, the new home medicine delivery startup

Livmed’s, a startup specializing in drug delivery

Livmed is a startup founded in Nice almost 3 years ago, in February 2020.

Its solution and value proposition is simple: Offer a mobile and web application allowing users to make deliver medicines 24/7. To do this, the company relies on a network of approximately 450 partner pharmacies in the main French metropolises and 12,000 delivery people. Livmed thus adapts the methodologies applied by FoodTech over the last 10 years to a Health sector that directly affects us: The digitalization of pharmacies. Currently, you should know that only 3% of pharmacies have a website.

The catalog of products and medicines offered is 400,000 drug references over the counter or from the drugstore.

Livmed has just closed a second fundraising in 1 year, this time, for an amount of 2 million euros in SEED. The total raised this year is 5 million euros.

The company’s current workforce is 50 people. The ambition for recruitment is to make double the workforce by the end of 2023. Many startup job offers will therefore be followed on this side!

What development ambitions for Livmed?

Livmed’s current customers are:

  • Individuals and the general public (especially people with chronic illnesses or those with reduced mobility)
  • Pharmacies and pharmacists (with the aim of installing the technological brick to include the Livmed application)

Another B2B service makes it possible to deliver to hospitals, clinics and EPHADs on a daily basis.

Three challenges have been identified for the continuation of Livmed’s adventure:

  • The challenge is to achieve delivery within D+1 throughout France, including rural areas and medical deserts.
  • Livmed’s ambition is to work on the integration of several partners: teleconsultation platforms, social security and mutual insurance companies.
  • The other axis of development is international, with development in Europe, primarily in Belgium and Switzerland.

Which competitors in this market?

Another player in France operates in this market. This is MonOrdo, a startup based in Toulouse and also specializing in the delivery of medications for the treatment of chronic diseases.

This startup offers an application and a logistics service to provide support to patients, caregivers or caregivers in the case of chronic pathologies.

Two other competitors are European and based in Germany.

Interested in healthcare startups? Find it list of French MedTech within our startup directory.

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