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Tech and Product professions in startups

Tech professions are among the most common professions within startups and scale-ups. They are also in high demand with strong demand for the recruitment of Tech profiles.

This article will help you find your way among all the Tech positions and professions found in startups.

Developer jobs in startups

Within Tech professions, “dev” are the most common positions:

Front-End Developer

THE Frontend Developer or Frontend Developer is responsible for developing the visible part of an application, software, or website. He thus creates what is called the user interface and guarantees its proper functioning.

He specializes in Front-end languages ​​and frameworks: React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js…

Backend Developer

Conversely, the Backend developer or Backend Developer develops all the functionalities which are not directly visible to the user of software or a website.

He specializes in backend languages ​​and frameworks: Node.js, PHP (Symfony, Laravel), Ruby on Rail…

Full-stack developer

THE Fullstack developer or Fullstack Developer develops both the visible part of an application and its invisible part. It therefore uses Front programming languages ​​and frameworks as well.

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Mobile Developer

THE Mobile Developer or Mobile Developer is a specialist in mobile development (iOS, Android). He therefore masters the languages ​​used on mobile (Java, Kotlin, etc.).

Management positions

Lead Developer

The Lead Dev is a developer/manager position, which supervises a team of Junior developers, generally 5 to 10 developers.

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Chief Technology Officer

THE CTO is the Technical Director of a company. He manages all technical teams and is responsible for all topics surrounding the Tech of a startup.

Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager is a Tech manager position within a startup or scale-up. He is responsible for managing development teams and optimizing developer performance.

Lead Data / Head of Data

THE Head of Data is a management position in Data. He supervises teams of Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer (see below in the “Data professions” section).

Chief Product Officer

THE Chief Product Officer or CPO is responsible for the product division of a startup or scale-up (see below in the “Product professions” section).

Data professions

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst processes, uses and analyzes data in order to produce dashboards and reporting to meet business needs.

Data Scientist / ML Engineer

THE Data Scientist creates predictive Machine Learning algorithms that exploit data (quantitative, text or image) in order to develop Artificial Intelligence and respond to different use cases.

The ML Engineer is in charge of industrializing Data Science models in order to scale them up, in production, to a larger dataset.

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer is in charge of building data models and pipelines in order to feed the work of Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

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Infrastructure professions

The DevOps Engineer

The business of DevOps is a key position in a Tech organization.

Product professions

Product Manager

THE Product Manager or PM is responsible for

  • Understanding and analyzing the needs of users of a product (website, SaaS software, mobile application, etc.), what we call the Discovery
  • The realization of the functionalities requested by the management of a Tech Roadmap and a team of developers, what we call Delivery

Product Owner

THE Product Owner or PO is responsible for the scope of Delivery in the product. He writes specifications for developers, manages development projects in Agile mode, manages the testing phase and guarantees the delivery of the development of features or applications.

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UX/UI Designer

L’ UX/UI Designer or Product Designer is responsible for the user experience (UX: User Experience) and the design of the application and its interface (UI: User Interface).

To go further on all Tech professions

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