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List of the best recruitment firms for startups and scale-ups

The market for recruiting candidates in startups and French Tech remains very competitive. Talent Acquisition Managers and startup founders often have to call on partners to successfully achieve their recruitment objectives.

Numerous recruitment services are offered to start-ups and scale-ups in France and Europe. In this list, we have grouped together the headhunting and direct approach firms most in demand by the startup market.

Why use a recruitment firm for startups?

There are several reasons why startups and scale-ups seek out a recruitment agency:

  • THE lack of time to devote to prospecting and sourcing for shortage positions
  • The desire to have a outside view on the company’s internal needs and processes
  • L’end-to-end support for recruitment : Definition of needs, drafting of job offers, conduct of pre-qualification interviews.
  • The search for a recruitment expertise on specific positions, see a precise location
  • A urgent search of a candidate (immediate departure of an employee, tension on one or more positions, etc.)

Thus, start-ups regularly solicit agencies to support them in their C-level recruitment or rare candidates on the market.

How do the firms operate?

Contractual terms of a firm

Generally, the terms of contract with a firm are as follows:

  • Billing based on success (sometimes, some firms ask for a deposit in advance of the mission, also called a retainer)
  • The percentage of success is invoiced when the candidate is hired
  • The amount is generally included in 20% and 30% of the candidate’s annual gross package.
  • A warranty period is offered for 3 months. This means that if the candidate or company decides to end the trial period within 3 months of hiring, the recruitment firm will be required to replace the candidate in question.
  • Some recruitment firms request an exclusivity agreement for a given period, meaning that the client will not be able to solicit other service providers for the recruitment of the position(s) in question.

Thus, the points to discuss may be the remuneration of the firm, the payment or not of a deposit (also called retainer), the presence of a guarantee and an exclusivity agreement.

Operation of the office

Once the recruitment mission has been launched, the firm will generally:

  1. Organize a meeting to define the customer’s needs
  2. Launch research within your pool and externally (direct approach on Linkedin, CV libraries, etc.)
  3. Conduct pre-qualification interviews with selected candidates
  4. Propose candidate shortlists to the client
  5. Follow up with the client on candidates during the interview process

How to choose and select a recruitment firm?

Beyond the contractual aspect mentioned previously (conditions, price, guarantee, etc.), our convictions on recruitment are that a good recruitment firm:

  • Has a good understanding of company business issues which he accompanies. In our case the service provider must master theorganization of a startup and have a detailed knowledge of the professions found there
  • Has references in the field on similar recruitments (professions or similar issues)
  • East at the forefront of tools and solutions which will allow it to find the best candidates in the shortest possible time

Licorne Society, the recruitment platform dedicated to startups

Unicorn Society is the recruitment expert for startups.

Our recruitment expertise lies in several points:

  • A strong business knowledge and understanding the challenges of startups due to our specialization => We only support startups and scale-ups in their recruitment
  • A large community from the startup and scale-up ecosystem in Francewhich is complemented by 500 new registrants
  • A cutting edge technology in sourcing and direct approach

Licorne Society supports its clients in all recruitment missions, in Operations, Marketing, Sales, Product and Tech. We have developed strong expertise in the search and recruitment of Head of and C-Level profiles.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our directly. startup recruitment firm and contact us!

Other recruitment solutions offered to startups

Classic recruitment firms

Some historical players also offer their services to startups. The best known actors are Michael Page, Robert Walters, Robert Half…

Very often, there is a real gap between the expectations of startups and the profiles offered by this type of firm. Indeed, they are often more accustomed to supporting the recruitment of institutional players and large groups.

Recruitment firms dedicated to startups

Some recruitment firms position themselves in a mode

Some examples of recruitment firms dedicated to startups:

  • Unicorn Society
  • Avizio
  • Ignition Program
  • Elinoi

Recruitment firms specialized by profession

Some recruitment firms are dedicated to a given profession or function

Recruitment agencies for salespeople

List of recruitment firms specializing in the recruitment of Sales profiles, Business Developer, Account Executive, Account ManagerHead of Sales:

Recruitment agencies for Tech professions

List of recruitment firms specializing in recruiting profiles in Tech (Fullstack developerBackend, Frontend, Data, CTO…)

  • UrbanLinker
  • Bloomays
  • Getpro
  • BlueCoders

For more information on tech recruitment, see our page on our Tech recruitment firm

Recruitment agencies for Product professions

List of recruitment firms for profiles Product ManagerProduct Designer, UX/UI DesignerHead of Product or Chief Product Officer :

Recruitment agencies for Operations professions

To our knowledge, only Licorne Society has specific expertise in recruiting candidates for positions in Operations in startups and scale-ups.

For more information on finding ops candidates, see our page on our recruitment firm Operations

To learn more about startup recruitment firms

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