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9 tips for recruiting a good developer in 2023

Tech recruiting is still a tough spot in talent acquisition. With 95% of web, software and mobile developers already working, we can consider that “full employment” has been reached for these profiles. It is therefore all the more difficult to recruit a developer profile with experience. The search for this type of candidate, depending on the technical stack and the targeted level, can be very time-consuming.

Prospecting: the essential element of recruiting devs

The overwhelming majority of recruitment of developer profiles is done through Outbound Recruiting, that is to say via a direct approach (and not applications).

It is therefore necessary to put in place a dedicated candidate sourcing strategy to these developer needs:

  • Using Linkedin Recruiter Lite or Pro
  • Implementation of sourcing automation or CRM tools
  • Work on approach messages, reminders…

This phase of recruitment requires know-how and a significant investment of time. Indeed, the volume of contacts is essential to guarantee finding the ideal candidate. To recruit for a developer position, you sometimes have to contact several hundred candidates!

It is also for this reason that companies tend to outsource this recruitment and go directly through tech recruitment firms

Create content dedicated to developers to stand out

Each recruiter suffers from comparison with other recruiters who seek to target developers, whether via posted advertisements or approach messages. One way to stand out is to create content dedicated to Tech teams who could join the company. This document would then be accessible to all candidates and would contain

  • Information on the product developed (functionalities, technical elements)
  • Details on the technological choices made
  • A precise description of the organization of the technical and product team
  • A presentation of the tools used within the technical team

An effort will have to be made on the form. The range of possibilities is very vast: Screenshot of the product, Motion Design for the description of the application, interviews with current developers…

Job offers could link to this document which would be published in the form of a Landing Page on the company’s career page, on an accessible Notion, etc.

Recruiters will also be able to send this document to developers as part of their sourcing.

Implement an effective recruitment process

Beyond the sole aspect of sourcing, the entire process and the company’s stakeholders must be mobilized. A process

  • A Rresponse to candidates in less than 24 hoursat each stage of the process, from prospecting to the last interview
  • A clear scorecard which will allow each candidate to be objectively evaluated
  • A recruitment process defined with the number of stages, and the different people involved mobilized
  • Of the technical tests ready for the case study stage

An effective recruitment process should never last more than 3 weeks maximum (barring unforeseen circumstances), between the first interview and the potential employment offer.

Master your subject well

Let’s start with the obvious: To recruit tech profiles, it is essential to understand and know the tech jobs.

So, the basis is to master the role and responsibilities of different jobs that we find in Tech, particularly around developers. A first resource is to find out about the content around dev professions:

  • Frontend Developer : The Frontend Developer is responsible for developing the visible part of an application or software
  • Backend Developer : The Backend Developer is responsible for the development of the part
  • Fullstack Developer : The Fullstack developer develops an application in Back and Front
  • Mobile developer : A mobile developer is an expert in mobile application development.

Beyond knowledge of the professions, it is necessary to know the vocabulary and key words around Tech. Know what a programming language, framework, technical stack, etc. is.

THE Hiring Managers have a role to play in helping recruiters to improve their skills on these subjects in order to fully understand their needs.

Understanding and studying market issues, on working modes (full remote, hybrid) and on the remuneration (benchmark of startup salaries) is a key point in mastering developer recruitment.

Do not neglect the Inbound strategy and ad writing

Although the majority of recruitment is done through prospecting, the Inbound recruitment strategy should not be neglected. On the one hand, because the developers you are going to source will find out about the company, and read the offer. And on the other hand, because it is always possible to generate quality applications for positions under pressure!

The areas of work are as follows:

  • Work on employer branding
  • Copywriting : Writing career pages and job offers

Job offers and advertisements must be explicit, and salesy for developers. The advertisement for a developer job offer must present the project on which the candidate who will be recruited will work.

They must clearly present the challenges of the position, the technical aspects and skills development for the candidates.

There salary transparency and profits is a point that can enhance your ads. Job advertisements that mention salary have on average 30% more qualified applications.

Innovate in developer acquisition sources

In addition to the usual social networks, many tech recruitment solutions exist on the market. These platforms provide access to the profiles of developers who are attentive to the market or actively looking for:

  • WeLoveDevs
  • ChooseYourBoss
  • Hiresweet

These platforms can show their limits when recruiting experienced profiles. They seem more suited to recruiting junior developers. The other disadvantage is that there is strong competition between companies, many of which contact the same candidates registered on the platform in question.

Other alternatives allow recruiters and Talent Acquisition Manager to find candidates on sites used by developers in their daily work and projects:

In fact, it is possible to go through GitHub or StackOverFlow to find developers.

  • GitHub is an online platform for hosting development projects. 90% of devs use GitHub! You can find potential candidates by searching through the languages ​​and frameworks you are targeting.
  • StackOverFlow is a forum for mutual support between developers. By combining Boolean searches via Google and StackOverFlow, it is also possible to find candidates who match your criteria.

Co-optation to recruit developers

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the developers already present within your company or startup and not use their network to recruit. Nothing better than another developer to convince someone to join your technical team!

Involve Hiring Managers: Lead Developer / CTO

One point that can be different is to strongly involve the future managers of the developers. This can be done at several stages of the process:

  • At framing of the needin order to clearly define expectations for the position, the profiles to target and possible alternatives
  • At the time of sourcing, by doing validate the list of candidates to contact managers
  • By making the prospecting messages from Linkedin accounts and emails from managers, for a better response rate
  • Doing intervene the manager from the screening interviewso that the candidate is immediately a tech interlocutor in front of him

If the position sought is a Lead Developer position, find our advice in our article: How to recruit a Lead Developer ?

Bonus: Developer review

Once a developer is in the recruitment process with you, it is necessary to ensure that he will be able to carry out the missions that you expect of him. Although certain training courses are renowned in the field of IT (EPITECH, Epita or graduates of certain Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieur), this point will not be sufficient to guarantee a candidate’s ability to be a good developer. Worse still, by only focusing on this aspect, you risk missing other relevant profiles.

Points that you can check directly (without necessarily having any technical background):

  • Does the developer master the expected languages?
  • What projects has he worked on in the past? What was his role? What vision do his former managers and/or clients have of him?
  • What is its progress curve? Is he curious enough? Does he have an appetite for learning new skills?

Beyond technical skills, soft skills, and in particular the ability to work in a team, are a key asset to evaluate for a developer.

Finally, if you are not able to assess it on a technical test, be aware that certain external platforms offer technical skills assessments for developers. This is particularly the case of CodinGame.

With these tips, you are ready to recruit a developer, and perhaps even recruit your first developer within your technical team!

To go further, find our complete guide to find a developer as well as our article on the recruitment of ruby ​​developers.

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