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The 5 best recruiting sites for developers in 2024

We shared with you the best sites for job search, in a previous blog post. Today we are taking a closer look at the sites and new platforms specializing in Tech/Web recruitment, and which will be of particular interest to developers.

We analyzed a panel of sites offering job offers for developer positions to select only the top 5 of the best Tech recruitment platforms.

These sites generally offer CDI, CDD, internship, work-study offers and also some Freelance missions.

We have chosen to only retain platforms specialized in Tech professions, removing the great classics (Linkedin, Indeed, etc.)

You can of course find our analysis of general job sites in our dedicated article.

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Licorne Society, the platform specializing in startup and scale-up recruitment

Licorne Society is a recruitment platform dedicated to startups and scale-ups. Although it is not specialized in Tech professions, the fact that it exclusively lists job offers from startup and scaleup jobs makes it a reference platform for recruiting devs.

The link to register directly on the platform: Registration Unicorn Society

Thus, the platform functions as an aggregator and search engine for job offers, and redirects you directly to the job sites where the advertisements have been posted.

The strong advantage is the saving of time since all startup and scale-up job offers are centralized on the Licorne Society platform, regardless of the origin of the advertisement.

Another strong point, as with WeLoveDevs, you can be directly contacted by the Licorne Society recruiter teams who will contact you for their client’s Tech needs.

As a bonus, you will find key information on startups on the platform (fundraising, investors, staff, etc.) as well as content dedicated to this eco-system.

Welcome To The Jungle, the reference for job sites

Welcome To The Jungle is a historic recruitment platform on the French market.
It is not specialized in developer jobs, but it still lists a lot of announcements.

Historically, it was mainly aimed at startups. Today, we find all types of companies: Always start-ups of course, but also large groups, consulting firms, ESNs, etc.

The focus of Welcome to the Jungle is on the employer brand of companies. You will find rich content on the companies present on the platform: Photos, videos, interviews with employees and founders…


ChooseYourBoss is a more recent platform, which allows developers to find their future boss.

The value proposition of this site lies in the personalized matching algorithm which suggests to developers the offers that best match their criteria.

The platform has diversified and offers tech, product, data, marketing and design job offers, in the IT and digital job sectors.

WeLoveDevs, the new Tech recruitment platform

This new recruitment platform has grown strongly in 2022 and is used by many clients. Its advantages are numerous:

  • The ads are neat and present as much information as possible, with a strong emphasis on the candidate’s user experience.
  • The companies that are present on the platform are selected by WeLoveDevs and are very detailed.

For candidates, the platform offers:

  • Technical tests that measure the level of programming and development of developers on different skills and stacks (web development, JS, PHP, Python, etc.)
  • Support dedicated to recruitment.

Developers who register on WeLoveDevs will have the opportunity to apply for posted offers and find a position on the platform.

You should know that company recruiters will also be able to directly contact the candidates who interest them.

The cost for customers of this platform is quite high; count on several thousand euros per year for its use.

Talent is a historic web platform on the developer market in France. It functions as a CV library for recruiters.

How it works for developers is as follows:

  • The developer defines his criteria on the contract (CDI, Freelance, Internship, Alternation), the location (on site, city, remote, flexible, hybrid), etc.
  • The developer completes his profile
  • Companies directly contact the developers they are interested in
  • The developer joins his new team

This platform is widely used for recruiting junior developers. Indeed, most profiles are looking for a more junior position on this site.

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