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How to recruit Go Lang developers in 2024?

What is Go language?

Go, also called Golang, is an open-source programming language developed by Google in 2007. It is mainly used for the development of system and network software (with strong data implications), but it can also be used for web development.

The Go language is a primarily Backend Software Engineer language, although some Full Stack profiles (Front + Back) also exist. It is particularly suitable for applications and software that require high performance to carry out heavy and complex tasks.

The job of a Golang developer

The missions and role of the Go developer

The Go Software Engineer is a profile working on the Golang language. A Go developer can be a full stack developer or someone specialized in the Backend part of development. We then speak of a Golang fullstack developer or Back End developer Golang.

The missions of a Go developer are the same as those of a developer working on other languages.

What is the salary of a Golang developer?

The salary of a Go developer for a junior profile leaving engineering or computer science school is around €40/45k. After a few years, salaries for a Lead Developer position will reach €70,000 annually.

For more information on the subject, find our article on startup salariesbased on a study of salaries in Paris, Lyon, France and teleworking.

Recruiting Go developers in France on a permanent basis, a challenge to take on

Recruiting Go developers on permanent contracts can be a difficult task in France. Although the programming language is constantly evolving and gaining popularity, it is still relatively new and not widely used by businesses. There are also few engineering and computer science schools offering Go training as part of their curriculum.

Two key figures on Go recruitment

  • The total number of developers with the keyword Go or Golang in their current or past title is around 1,500 in France, where the keywords Java, Python or JavaScript (Node, React, …) are present in titles from over 30,000 developers.
  • The average duration of developer recruitment between the identification of the need and the arrival of the developer is between 4 months and 1 year.

Our 7 tips for finding Go developers who listen to the market

We have identified the best tips for effectively finding Go developers, whether junior or senior, which we apply daily when we support our clients in their recruitment. These tips apply specifically to Go recruitment. Also find our tips for recruit a developer on any technical stack, and our guide to find a developer.

An effective Go Lang job offer

As with all ads, they must be effective. Here are some tips specific to developers and the Go language:

  • Mention the Go language directly in the job title. Example: “Go back-end developer”. This will attract developers who have experience in this programming language and will avoid unsuitable applications.
  • Provide as much information as possible on technical challenges and current projects
  • Present the technical team, the n+1 and the CTO, in the description of the job offer
  • Provide transparency on salary conditions and the teleworking policy.

Target companies that have Go in their technical stack

One possibility to identify developers working on the Go language is to target companies that have the same technical stack (see our list of companies below).

Carry out sourcing using keywords around the Go language

Another possibility is to use the keywords field of LinkedIn Recruiter to target candidates who have terms that refer to language somewhere in their profile (description, skills, skills).

Some examples of keywords related to the Golang language:

  • Goroutine
  • Dependency management tools: Sltr and Godep
  • Code generation tool: Stringer
  • Road package: Gorilla
  • Golang web framework: Revel

Anticipate recruitment before the need arises

As mentioned earlier, hiring a Go Lang developer can take up to several months. It is therefore essential to anticipate recruitment. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Keep job offers open to continue to attract spontaneous applications
  • Keep track of all contacts with Go Lang developers in a CRM or board to track the careers of your potential prospects
  • Carry out regular market monitoring to identify companies which have reduced their Tech workforce and which work with this language
  • Identify startups emerging in the Golang language

Stay on standby to always be ready to launch a recruitment for a Golang developer position.

Contact specialized recruitment firms

Sourcing, pre-qualifying candidates and managing the recruitment pipeline can be time-consuming and tedious activities. In this context, it may be wise to call on a Tech recruitment firm specializing in the search for Go Lang developers. This has several advantages:

  • Save time on sourcing and pre-qualifying candidates
  • Receive shortlists of qualified candidates with experience in Go Lang and interested in your job offer
  • Accelerate time-to-hire

Consider profiles currently on other languages

In the event of serious recruitment difficulties, it may be possible to recruit candidates who are senior in other languages ​​(Python, Java, etc.), and who would be interested in a reconversion to Golang.

Depending on your expectations, the coding and programming language may be secondary to other issues, skills and keywords that you are looking for (working with APIs, Team Lead, Kubernetes, etc.).

Care should be taken to target developers who have worked within a company developing a product involving large volumes of data.

Open up to full remote to find other Go profiles

Finding a Go developer can be restrictive if you are only targeting a single city in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, etc.). Opening the position to full remote allows you to broaden the field of possibilities and thus find candidates who wish to remain teleworking or who are based in another city.

Many companies offer a large number of Full Remote job offers. Find this list on this link: Full remote startups

List of companies that are on the Go / Golang language

Here are some companies that have the Go Lang language within their technical stack, and that you can target in your sourcing:

  • Heetch
  • OVH
  • Netflix
  • LumApps
  • Splio
  • Shippeo
  • EverTrust
  • BuyCo
  • Sennder France
  • ManoMano
  • AB Tasty

Developers who have worked with these companies are likely to be interesting prospects for your Go startup.

Where can I find job offers for Go developer positions in startups and scale-ups?

Job offers for Go Lang developer positions in startups and scale-ups can be posted on traditional job sites such as Linkedin, Indeed or Welcome to The Jungle.

You will find on Licorne Society all startup job offers for management positions. full stack developers and Software Engineer in Paris, France and working remotely.

To go further, find our ranking of the five best recruiting sites for developers.

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Are you looking for a Go Lang Lead Developer? Find our article: How recruit a Lead Developer

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