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7 tips for recruiting in 2024

As with many developer profiles in IT and tech, recruiting Front can be tedious, complex and time-consuming.

Indeed :

  • He can be difficult to attract candidates relevant
  • Contacting candidates to poach them is a very time consuming task
  • Evaluate candidates maintenance can be complex

We have summarized here some tips to help you in your recruitment with the aim of providing you with solutions around the search for frontend profiles.

For more information on the job of Frontend developer, find our dedicated job sheet: Frontend Developer

Get support from a recruitment firm specializing in frontend developers

Clients can choose to go through an external firm to support them in their search for a developer. Outsourcing the recruitment of a frontend developer can be motivated by several reasons

  • Difficulties in attract enough qualified candidates in the pipe
  • Lack of time internally to carry out network hunting
  • Difficulties in evaluating candidates in maintenance by the end customer

It may therefore be interesting to go through a Tech recruitment firm, expert in this research. A recruitment firm specializing in the recruitment of developers can provide you with:

  • Help to define your needs in recruitment and define the types of profiles sought
  • Expertise, tools to source the best candidates on the market
  • A network of potential candidates listening to the market
  • Skills for evaluate developers in interviews

So, if you are looking for a recruitment firm to support you in your frontend developer recruitment, find our comparison of best recruitment firms In France.

Clearly define the technical skills to target on the front end

Historically, front developer profiles are experts in HTML and CSS languages.

Currently, several technologies, programming languages ​​and frameworks are used in front-end development. The best known include the following:

The most common language is JavaScript, as evidenced by these frameworks which are most represented in Tech.

The idea is to define what technologies are essential to master for the position.

Some examples of questions to ask yourself that can help broaden the list of potential candidates:

  • My company codes in Vue.js, am I open to recruiting profiles who have experience in React and who are interested in this language?
  • Can the frontend development sought be brought into contact with the backend? If so, does he need to master a particular language?

Once the technical skills are defined, you will be able to use the right keywords to contact relevant candidates.

Create a list of companies that use similar technologies on the front end

To source interesting candidates, one option is to monitor companies that use the same technologies. In particular, you can search for companies that recruit from the same stacks as you.

This approach will allow you to target companies that have candidates on their teams who might interest you. This is all the more interesting as the candidates in question do not necessarily have to indicate the technologies they master on their Linkedin profile.

Define the level of experience sought

Depending on the context of your business, it is necessary to define the right level of experience sought. This will allow you to better define the job title in question, and attract candidates relevant to your needs.

Here is a list below of the different designations and a description of the associated level of experience:

  • Frontend Developer : Beginner/junior developer or with first development experience
  • Experienced Frontend Developer : Developer with a first permanent experience of 2/3 years in front-end development
  • Senior Frontend Developer / Senior Frontend Developer: Developer with a high level of expertise and skills on front-end development
  • Frontend Lead Developer: Developer with management responsibilities of at least 3/4 front developers. He is a technical manager of frontend development
  • Engineering Manager Frontend : Technical manager and responsible for a team of frontend developers of at least 5 to 10 people

List all alternatives for job titles to target

A frontend developer can have several names in their job title

  • Frontend or Front-end developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Frontend or Front-end Engineer
  • Web Developer / Web Developer
  • Developer + React / React.js / Reactjs (as well as variations with other technologies and languages)

If you are targeting Fullstack profiles:

  • Fullstack or Full Stack developer
  • Fullstack or Full Stack Developer
  • Fullstack or Full Stack developer
  • Software engineer
  • Software Engineer

Be careful not to miss certain profiles with an overly limiting approach to job titles.

The job titles to avoid are any that imply specialization on the Backend:

  • Back / Backend keywords
  • Backend only technologies: Node.js, Go, Ruby, Java

Recruit a front-dominant fullstack developer

It can be smart not to limit yourself to frontend developers when targeting profiles.
Thus, candidates who are full stack developers may, in fact, have a strong appetite for frontline development. The idea is to contact candidates who are potentially full-stack developers with the desire to specialize in frontend development.

Relay job offers on specialized sites for recruiting frontend developers

Some sites listing job offers specialize in job offers for Tech recruitment.

You will find a list of the best Tech recruitment sites on this article: Best developer recruitment sites.

These sites will allow you to post:

  • Your job offers for permanent contracts, internships, work-study programs, freelance
  • For positions in France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, etc.) in partial teleworking or 100% teleworking (full remote)

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