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Computer Vision Engineer, a new role in Tech

Computer Vision is the technology that allows us to process images. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence whose aim is to develop models allowing image or visual data to be analyzed and interpreted. This profession has grown significantly with the launch of software solutions which include Machine Learning algorithms based on Computer Vision Engineer technologies.

In French, Computer Vision is translated as “Computer Assisted Vision”.

Our team of Tech recruitment being increasingly in demand for recruitment of this type of profile, we offer here a summary bringing together all the information you need to know about this position:

  • THE missions of a Computer Vision Engineer
  • THE sectors and applications of these technologies
  • THE SKILLS expected for this position
  • THE wages means on the market.
  • THE existing solutions for recruitment of a Computer Vision Engineer

What are the missions of a Computer Vision Engineer?

The Computer Vision Engineer is one of the possible specializations of a role of Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer, specialized in image data processing. Its role and missions are as follows:

  • Develop Machine Learning models and algorithms to respond to a specific use case
  • Prepare a relevant data set to train the ML model in question, with work on the different data sources
  • Test and track model training
  • Pilot the implementation of the algorithm model at scale.

👉 Find our article Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Scientistfor more information on the differences between these two professions

In which companies can we find Computer Vision Engineers?

Due to the rise of Artificial Intelligence, computer-assisted vision and AI Tech startups, many sectors can recruit today

Medical imaging

Medical imaging and health is a sector in high demand for Computer Vision Engineer profiles. Indeed, computer-assisted vision has several advantages:

  • It helps detect pathologies, particularly on X-rays or MRIs (medical imaging).
  • It makes it possible to anticipate the appearance of pathologies
  • It helps health professionals in treatments, surgical operations or the creation of medical devices adapted to patients.

The role of Computer Vision Engineers is to develop algorithms for these different application cases.

Defense and security

Defense with large groups like Thalès or startups specializing in these subjects. Some startups are also emerging around the subjects of identification and identity, notably with facial recognition technologies.

Supply Chain and production

Computer vision provides great assistance throughout the production chain. For example, the quality control operation leaving the factory can be facilitated by the use of trained AI to detect manufacturing defects and trigger an alert, for example.


The development of Artificial Intelligence in transport is one of the current topics, driven in particular by the company Tesla and its desire to develop an autonomous vehicle.

The environment and Green Tech

Computer vision is also developing around environmental topics. Applications of these technologies are beginning to emerge. We can notably cite the example of applications to help sort waste.

Art and cinema

The contribution of Deep Learning to art is beginning to be felt, in particular the links with generative images.

The skills of a Computer Vision Engineer

With engineering training or a doctorate in Deep Learning, Imaging, Biometrics or Computer Vision, the key skills are:

  • Computer science: Development in programming languages ​​used in AI (Python, C++…) and frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow)
  • Mastery of technologies used in AI: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,

The salary of a Computer Vision Engineer

Salaries offered for a Computer Vision Engineer vary depending on experience level.

  • For junior profiles leaving school, the salary can be between 40 and 50 k€ for the most renowned engineering schools
  • For a senior profile, with around 5 years of experience, with a PhD or not, the salary is more around €65 to €75k.

For more information on startup salaries, find our article dedicated to this subject: Study of start-up salaries.

How to recruit a Computer Vision Engineer for a job offer?

How to find a Computer Vision Engineer

The search for a Computer Vision Engineer can be complex because it involves finding very technical profiles which are quite rare on the market.

The traditional solutions for finding a Computer Vision Engineer are as follows:

  • Relay advertisements for job offers on traditional job boards and specialized sites. For more information, see our comparison of best job sites for Tech
  • Develop links and partnerships with engineering schools training Computer Vision Engineers
  • Source and contact candidates directly on social networks

All these aspects being time-consuming, and the evaluation of candidates being complex and technical, an alternative for the company is to request a AI recruitment firmwith strong expertise in recruiting this type of profile.

Going through a Tech recruitment firm will allow you to diversify your source of candidate acquisition and fill this position in a few weeks (see a week for best recruitment firms !)

Where can I find job offers for a Computer Vision Engineer position?

Are you looking for a job offer for a Computer Vision Engineer position?

All job offers in France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc.), in startups for Data Scientist and Computer Vision positions are listed on Licorne Society.

Find all our Data Science job offers on the recruitment platform. The offers are permanent, freelance, internship and work-study and are based in France, Paris and remotely.

Some offers are available in full remote or partial teleworking. You can set up an alternation in order to be informed if an offer for a permanent position is published on the platform.

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