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5 Artificial Intelligence professions that will recruit in 2024

Artificial Intelligence has attracted many investors with recent innovations in this sector and significant fundraising. Companies are recruiting more and more people with skills and training in different areas of AI. In this article, you will find the description of the roles and salaries for the professions of:

  • Data Scientist
  • ML Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • AI CTO

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Data Scientist, the general title on model development

Role of the Data Scientist in AI

Data Scientist is the generic term for the person responsible for development of Data Science models and algorithms. This can be specialized depending on the type of data and application cases:

  • It can process text data to develop models for understanding or automatic text generation. We talk about Natural Language Processing Engineer or NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engineer
  • It can process numerical data to develop predictive algorithms
  • It can also process data in the form of images or videos. See below on the description of the Computer Vision Engineer job.

The application cases are quite broad by typology of Data Science models. Here are some examples of sectors:

  • NLP: Document processing, chatbot development, automatic translation
  • Figured data: Capacity modeling algorithm modeling, sales prediction
  • Image / Video: Quality control, security, image generation, imaging in the medical sector

Be careful not to confuse the profession of Data Scientist and that of Data Analyst. The Data Analyst is an expert in data analysis, who does not work with Machine Learning models.

Find our dedicated article with the differences between Data Analyst, Data Scientist and ML Engineer.

Data Scientist Salary

The salary of a qualified Data Scientist after school is generally between €40 and €50k for candidates from major engineering schools. The salary can even exceed €50,000 for candidates notably from training at the Polytechnic school with the MVA master’s degree from Normal Sup.

For a senior profile with 5 years of experience, the salary can reach around €70k.

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Machine Learning Engineer, the expert in putting ML models into production

Role of the ML Engineer in AI

The distinction between Data Scientist and ML Engineer can be subtle. The Data Scientist is responsible for developing a model. The Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for putting the model into production and scaling it up with a larger volume of data.

The possible evolution for an ML Engineer, as for a Data Scientist, is towards a Lead position with the supervision and management of a team.

👉 Find our article Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Scientistfor more information on the differences between these two professions

Salary of ML Engineers

The salaries of Machine Learning Engineers are quite close to the salaries of Data Scientists, both for young graduates directly after studies, but also for the most experienced candidates.

  • Salary of a Junior ML Engineer: Around €45k
  • Salary of a Senior ML Engineer: Around 70/80 k€ per year

Computer Vision Engineer, the AI ​​profession specialized in images

Role of a Computer Vision Engineer in AI

The Computer Vision Engineer is the specialist in image processing. He develops models around:

  • Image recognition
  • Image processing (image editing, image generation).

The scope of application of the Computer Vision Engineer is quite broad:

  • Medical field with all subjects around imaging, pathology recognition, etc.
  • Security with facial recognition and digital identity
  • The audio-visual field
  • Industry with Quality Control topics

Salary of a Computer Vision Engineer

This profession is quite recent. Little data is available. We can estimate a junior salary at around €40/45k. For a more experienced profile, around 5 years of experience, salaries are 60 to 70 k€.

For more information on the position of Computer Vision Engineer, find our article dedicated to the profession of Computer Vision Engineer

The Data Engineer, the data architect

Role of a Data Engineer in AI

If the Data Engineer, or Big Data developer, is not necessarily an AI profession strictly speaking, he plays a key role in a company that develops a solution around the subjects of Machine and Deep Learning.

Its role is to build the model and data systems that will allow different AI experts to create, train and maintain their Machine Learning models.

Salary of a Data Engineer in AI

The salary of a Data Engineer after school is around €40,000.

For experienced profiles, it is included at least 70 k€

For more information on the Data Engineer position, find our job sheet dedicated to the profession of Data Engineer

CTO AI, a Chief Technology Officer profile with expertise in AI

Role of an AI CTO

An AI CTO is responsible for a technical development and programming team which includes an Artificial Intelligence dimension. He therefore supervises, in addition to teams of developers, profiles of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineer or Computer Vision Engineer.

He has dual skills in web or application development, as well as skills in developing models in Artificial Intelligence.

Salary of an AI CTO

The salary of an AI CTO quickly becomes quite high because few candidates today have dual IT/AI skills.

You must have a minimum salary of €120,000. This can reach up to a package of €200,000 for the most experienced candidates.

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