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5 solutions to find an impactful job for 2024

An impact job is work that allows you to contribute positively to society or the environment. From one person to another, the definition of impactful employment may vary. Generally, the business sectors that are considered as such are:

  • Companies in the environment, ecology, sustainable development and green energy sectors
  • Companies in the social and solidarity economy (ESS) sector
  • Healthcare sector companies
  • Companies in the education and training sector

We also speak of mission-driven companies to designate companies whose mission is to pursue social and/or environmental objectives.

Use specialized impact recruitment sites

Several recruitment platforms specialize in recruiting for impactful job offers:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of websites which list advertisements and jobs:

  • Jobimpact which is a platform specializing in ESS and sustainable development
  • Jobs that make sense which offers job offers in “meaningful” sectors as well as impact training
  • How I Met Your Planet which is a site specializing in environmental jobs

These sites list advertisements for permanent, internship, work-study jobs, mainly in France.

Job offers for impact jobs can also be found on other more traditional recruitment platforms.

Target startups and young companies launching into impact sectors

An alternative is to identify young start-ups which are launching and which are about to recruit their first employees.

One possibility is to follow the fundraising in the field of impact to be able to identify companies that will release budget for their recruitment.

To find all job offers in startups and scale-ups, go to the Licorne Society recruitment platform which lists the completeness of permanent, freelance, work-study and internship jobs within startups in France (Paris, Lyon , Bordeaux, Remote…)

Create a list of impact companies

One option is to follow all the companies in the sector that will interest you. This will allow you:

  • To follow job offers when they are published
  • To be able to proactively apply and apply to these companies.
  • To discover if a new project is emerging in a sector that interests you

To help you, we have built several lists of companies that can attract you to all professions:

Startups in the environment, ecology and sustainable development

Startups in the environment, ecology, sustainable development and Green Tech attract many candidates. These are startups which mainly operate in the sector of ecological transition and reduction of carbon impact.

List of startups in the environment

MedTech startups in health

The health sector remains an important hub for startups also in the field of facilitating access to care, assistance for nursing staff and technological innovations for pathology care, particularly in connection with artificial intelligence.

This is a sector where the dimension of innovation can be quite strong, with a search also for classic professions that are traditionally found in startups, but also for profiles specialized in Biomedical or Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning.

List of healthcare startups and MedTech

Social and solidarity economy (ESS) startups

Many startups may be of interest to candidates looking for meaning, particularly around subjects such as:

  • Education, training and integration of people in difficulty
  • Help for people in difficulty
  • Responsible and ethical consumption
  • Responsible Finance
  • CSR within companies

List of startups in the ESS and with social impact

Looking for a job offer in an impact and mission startup? Do not hesitate to register on the Licorne Society recruitment platform and find the permanent offer of your dreams, within new business projects in the sectors of the environment, ecological transition, health and ESS.

Explain your search on Linkedin and highlight your societal commitments

On Linkedin, you can define what you are looking for. You can even specify it in your profile introduction or your general title. This will allow recruiters to understand what types of companies you are targeting for your next position.

Do not hesitate to highlight your commitments and actions, whether they are carried out within the framework of your jobs and positions previously held, within your studies or within the framework of associative commitments.

This will make it much easier for recruiters to find you. Some examples of projects that can attract Talent Acquisition Managers or headhunters who recruit for impactful positions.

  • Climate fresco facilitator / 2 ton workshop
  • Investor in Time For The Planet
  • Various associative commitments
  • Professional activity within companies or sectors with a mission

It will be interesting to mention these different projects during the potential job interview that you will have for an impact position.

Target a company’s CSR department

One option may be to apply for jobs within companies’ CSR departments.

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or CSR department in English is the department responsible for sustainable development issues and corporate social commitments.

This can allow you to have a job with a positive impact and to be able to move the lines from within, within a company whose purpose is not initially linked to a strong ecological or societal commitment.

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