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10 tips for writing an attractive and effective job offer

How to write a job offer ? This question actually brings together several questions:

  • How do I write a job offer that will allow me to attract many candidates?
  • How do I write a job offer that will attract candidates relevant to my needs that I could recruit?

In the tips that we have listed for optimizing the writing of a job advertisement, you will find solutions to increase the number of applications and maximize your chances of recruiting thanks to your advertisements.

Although recruiters are increasingly using the direct approach to recruit candidates, publishing advertisements sometimes makes it possible to attract interesting profiles who are motivated to join your company.

Here are our 10 tips for writing an attractive job offer.

1) Write the title of the job offer well to attract the right candidates

A large part of the question hinges on the title and title of the job offer. The issue is twofold:

  • Use the correct title for the position concerned
  • Use a job title that describes the right level of experience and seniority

To give a few examples, if you are looking for a Sales or Business Developer profile in a Tech sector, it is better to choose the title Business Developer. This is more modern and will attract candidates more suited to your sector and the right type of profile.

Furthermore, regarding the level of seniority, you must be careful to use the right term to attract candidates in the right range of experience. We can make the following hierarchy, taking the example of a marketing position, from the most senior or the most junior:

  1. VP Marketing: Profiles generally with more than 15 years of experience
  2. CMO / Chief Marketing Officer: Profiles with between 10 and 15 years of experience
  3. Head of Marketing: Profiles between 7 and 15 years of experience
  4. Senior Marketing Manager: Profiles around 7 to 10 years of experience
  5. Marketing Manager: Candidates with around 5 years of experience

The idea is to be careful to choose the right title to target the right person with the appropriate title.

2) Describe the context and current projects

The ad must be able to answer several questions:

  • What is the context of recruitment for the company
  • Why should the company recruit today?
  • What are the current projects, and how will this relate to the work of the person who will be in office?
  • What are the missions? How will the candidate’s time be distributed between the different missions?

The ads must allow the person who reads your offer to answer these questions with the different elements that you have written.

3) Show a salary range in the ad

Announcing a salary range has several advantages for the company:

  • It helps prevent candidates who are out of the range with higher salaries from wasting time applying
  • It helps increase the response rate.

In fact, announcing the salary or a salary range in a job offer increases the application rate by +15%. Displaying remuneration with fixed, variable salary and benefits is one of the keys to standing out and having an attractive offer.

You can of course specify that the salary varies depending on the level of experience and various other criteria.

4) Describe the team and management for the position concerned

Important information that is not always found on job offers is the description of the team that the future candidate will join. Here are some tips:

  • List the first and last names of the profiles that make up the team
  • Link to their Linkedin profile
  • Include a quick description of their role in the company

This will allow candidates to project themselves into the future team.

5) Post job offers on several job boards, including specialized job boards

A job offer must certainly be well written, but it must also be seen!

To do this, you must first post it on general online job sites that have significant traffic:

The idea is to distribute your offer on the best job sites in the online recruitment market. Using an ATS that has multicast functionality can help you with this.

Then, you can post your ads on specialized job sites depending on the position or sector of the company. Indeed, some job boards are specialized for certain professions or certain sectors. The type of job board will influence the type of application you receive. To give a few examples:

The idea is to understand your market well and post ads in the right place to maximize the chance that relevant candidates will read the job. Another tip is to delete and re-upload your ads and make them appear first in searches.

6) Make references to other published content

You can attach links to the job posting to content that may be of interest to candidates. Several ideas in bulk:

  • A description of the product(s) sold in video
  • An interview with a co-founder of the company
  • A description of the technologies used within the technical teams
  • A presentation of the team that the candidate would join within the company.

This will make your offer more stand out and attract candidates who could be convinced by these employer brand elements.

7) Take inspiration from ads posted by other companies

Some companies are very renowned for writing quality job offers. It’s always interesting to draw inspiration from the best to draw relevant ideas. Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies renowned for the quality of the job offers published:

8) Write a precise and personalized job offer, reread what ChatGPT writes!

A pitfall that we often encounter is that the job offer is not specific enough. Indeed, if your ad for a Business Developer job looks like all the Business Developer adverts, it will be problematic to attract candidates who would really be interested in your project.

We are seeing this even more since recruiters and managers are using ChatGPT to write their ads. AI is a powerful tool to help you in your writing, but you should not skimp on proofreading and rewriting the different paragraphs. The idea is to think outside the box to publish ads that are unique and that will differentiate you from other companies recruiting for the same positions.

If you do not wish to receive an application written with ChatGPT, avoid writing your ads with ChatGPT 😉

9) Write a concise job offer

Another pitfall often encountered in ad publication is the length of the texts. It can be tempting to want to write a novel to convince candidates to apply for your ads. However, it should be kept in mind that an announcement that is too long can be counterproductive.

So it is necessary :

  • To get to the goal
  • To produce an airy text (return to line)
  • To only provide useful information for the candidate who could apply

10) Don’t forget anything

In summary, a job offer must mention all the elements expected by candidates:

  • Brief company description, with external links to resources or detailed content
  • Presentation of the team in which the person would work
  • Description of the recruitment context and why the company must recruit
  • Presentation of the candidate’s main missions
  • Expected skills and desired experience
  • What is offered to the candidate (offer, employment contract, remuneration and salary, benefits, etc.)
  • Recruitment process from the first interview to the job offer

To go further, also find our ad models on our platform. You will have the choice to select a free job offer template.

Some positions remain difficult to fill, despite very well-written advertisements. These are generally very scarce jobs, with rare skills, where few candidates apply. In these cases, it may be necessary to go through a recruiting firm who will be able to support you in your search.

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