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Top 5 of the best IT and IT recruitment firms in 2024

The recruitment market in IT, Tech and Digital is very tight. The number of job vacancies remains significant. It may be necessary for companies to surround themselves with the best recruitment agencies to attract and recruit IT talent.

Below you will find a guide on choosing a recruitment firm specializing in IT, as well as a list with a comparison of the best IT firms of the moment.

This article will allow you to select the best agency from the IT field to support you in your search and be able to quickly recruit IT experts.

Why use an IT recruitment firm?

IT professions are becoming more and more specialized. Indeed, they require a high level of expertise to interact with candidates, understand the challenges of different positions and be able to assess key skills.

Furthermore, IT professions are among the most scarce positions on the market. The number of job offers published on job sites for IT positions are higher than the available candidates, listening to the market or actively looking for a new position.

What are the different types of recruitment firms specializing in IT?

There are several types of recruitment firms that support their clients in the search for profiles in IT.

  • Generalist firms which have a department specializing in the search for IT candidates
  • Specialized IT firms
  • Firms specializing in Tech companies

How to choose an IT recruitment firm?

The criteria to evaluate when choosing a recruitment firm specializing in IT professions are as follows:

What is his level of mastery and knowledge of IT professions?

A bonus is to be granted to firms which have, within their teams, profiles from backgrounds in Tech, either with strong experience in recruiting profiles in IT, or with a background from backgrounds in IT. IT (Engineer, Developer…)

These firms will have even greater legitimacy when they interact with candidates from the IT world. Furthermore, beyond the pure recruitment of candidates in IT, a firm which brings together IT experts will be able to provide you with consulting services, around the organization that you wish to build, but also on the profiles that you wish to build. you want to recruit.

What is their level of understanding of business and company strategy?

The strength of a recruitment firm is to be able to understand the strategic issues of a company and to put it into perspective with an audience of targeted candidates in its network.

The ability of recruitment consultants to take a step back is important.

What are the references of this recruitment firm in IT?

A firm that has already recruited for similar positions in IT demonstrates expertise in this sector. Has he already recruited for developer positions, positions in Data (data analyst, data scientist, data engineer), positions in web development?

Beyond expertise, these types of questions will allow you to understand the extent of the network available to the firm, as well as its geographical location (Paris, France, Europe, etc.)

What tools does the evaluated firm have?

The use of dedicated recruitment tools is essential for recruiters. There are many tools available in the market. The main tools used by firms are:

  • An ATS to be able to manage applications and the publication of advertisements on job boards
  • Access to job boards
  • A subscription to specialized CV libraries
  • Automated sourcing tools to speed up and save time on direct approaches and contacting candidates

The idea is to verify that the firm is at the forefront of technological solutions to target IT candidates.

What are the terms and conditions offered by this firm?

As with any service provider, it is a matter of comparing the offers offered by the firms on the different variables seen previously:

  • The presence or not of a deposit
  • The fixed price
  • The guarantees offered
  • The exclusivity agreement and its duration

What are the customer reviews of this agency?

Finding customer reviews is useful for forming your own opinion on the quality of the service offered by an agency.

Licorne Society lists its customer reviews on the Trustfolio platform. See Licorne Society review

Licorne Society, major player in the recruitment of IT profiles

Licorne Society has developed strong expertise in Tech recruitment and recruitment in IT professions.

Indeed, the historical positioning of this recruitment platform, as an expert in recruitment for startups, has allowed it to become the expert in team structuring at the heart of Tech in Europe.
This expertise is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Expertise in IT professions: The Licorne Society team was founded by former engineers and tech professionals and is made up of recruiters specializing in IT professions.
  • Community of candidates: The Licorne Society platform has developed a strong community of more than 40,000 candidates who have registered on the Licorne Society recruitment website
  • Recruitment tools and technology monitoring: The Licorne Society team has developed the best tools on the market which allow unrivaled speed of execution in sourcing and direct approach.

All of these points make Licorne Society the essential player as IT recruitment firmfor structuring teams made up of the best talents in IT.

List of other IT recruitment firms

Below you will find a list of the best IT recruitment firms. These firms specialize in finding permanent IT profiles in France

Unicorn Society

Licorne Society is a firm with a startup-oriented recruitment approach. Its expertise in the Tech market allows it to support companies in transforming their organization towards more agile models.

Licorne Society supports its clients across all IT business verticals:

  • Development: Web, Software, Software Engineer…
  • Data: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer
  • DevOps, Cloud and SRE
  • Digital Marketing


Altaïde is an IT recruitment firm which mainly supports large groups in their recruitment for Digital positions (Tech, development, Marketing)


Ageelink is also a digital recruitment firm with strong Agile expertise.


Bluecoders is a firm specializing in the recruitment of engineers in Tech and Data


Skillink is a firm specializing in Tech and Innovation recruitment.

To find out more about recruitment firms

Do you have a recruitment project for a position in IT or technical management? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects, the type of candidate sought, etc.

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