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What is the best Data Analyst training in 2024?

Do you have data training projects and are you looking for data training? Many organizations are available and offer training in Data around the professions of Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, etc.

Are you looking for retraining training or simply to improve your skills (or improve your teams’ skills) in data analysis? This article is made for you. There you will find all the information allowing you to choose the format best suited to your needs:

  • Increase your skills, develop your knowledge and master data analysis tools (Business Intelligence, SQL, Python, etc.)
  • Professional retraining and desire to learn the profession of Data Analyst (Data Analyst / Business Analyst)
  • Perfect your management skills to supervise a team in Data

To go further on Data professionsfind our job descriptions dedicated to data positions:

These pages will allow you to concretely understand the work of each Data profession with key information (missions, possible training, salaries offered, etc.)

Also find our article to understand the differences between these professions in the world of analytics: Differences between Data Analyst, Data Scientist and ML Engineer (Machine Learning)

All job offers in Data startups are listed on the Licorne Society recruitment platform.

Jedha Bootcamp

Overview of Jedha Bootcamp

Jedha Bootcamp is an organization and one of the online schools specializing in training in Data and Cybersecurity. It offers training around 3 areas:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity

The training courses are themselves divided into 3 levels. For Data Analyst training, there are in fact 3 modules (see below)

Training and learning path offered in Data Analysis

There are 3 different Data Analysis training modules offered by Jedha Bootcamp:

Data Analysis essentials:

  • 75 hour training
  • Bootcamp format over 2 weeks in person or online
  • Objective to discover the main concepts of Data (Data Mining, Data Visualization, Introduction to SQL and Python, Statistics, A/B Testing, Machine Learning)
  • Price: €1,495

Full-stack data analysis:

  • 450 hour training
  • Bootcamp format over 3 months in person or online
  • Objective to learn data analysis and become a Data Analyst (Python, Statistics, ETL & Data Warehousing, Data visualization with Power BI…)
  • Price: €7,495

Data Analysis Lead:

  • 112 hour training
  • Bootcamp format over 3 weeks in person or online
  • Objective of mastering data governance and management methods (Data Governance, Data Management, Agile Methods, Product Management, Leadership, Communication, etc.)
  • Price: €2,995

This last training is aimed at you if you already have experience and a certain level in data and you wish to progress towards management and lead roles soon in your career.


Presentation of Openclassroom

Openclassroom is a well-known training site that covers a wide spectrum of professions and skills, around IT, tech, web development, Data, etc.

Training and learning path offered in Data Analysis

  • 12 months of training
  • Online course format
  • Diploma training to become a Data Analyst, with certification required

Wild Code School

Wild Code School Overview

Wild Code School is a training school around Tech professions (development, IT, web, Data, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.)

Training and learning path offered in Data Analysis

2 different training modules are offered by Wild Code School

Distance learning

  • 5 month training
  • Online course format
  • Objective to learn the profession and become a Data Analyst (Data analysis techniques, SQL, Python, ML basics)
  • Price: €7,500

On-campus training

  • 5 month training
  • Face-to-face format on one of the campuses in France
  • Objective to learn the profession and become a Data Analyst (Data analysis techniques, SQL, Python, ML basics)
  • Price: €8,500


Data Bird Overview

DataBird is another training organization specializing in data analysis training.

Training and learning path offered in Data Analysis

4 different training modules are offered by Data Bird

Data Essentials training

  • 50 hours of training
  • Course format 40 hours online and 10 hours live
  • Objective of acquiring basic data analysis skills
  • Price: €1,500

Data analysis training in Paris

  • 8 weeks of bootcamp
  • Location in Paris with face-to-face classes
  • Objective of retraining in the world of Data
  • Price: €5,900

Full-time remote data analysis training

  • 12 weeks remotely
  • Full-time online course format
  • Objective of retraining in Data professions
  • Price: €5,900

Remote data analysis training

  • 12 weeks remotely
  • Part-time online course format
  • Objective of acquiring the basic skills of Data professions
  • Price: €3,900

The cart

Presentation of the Wagon

Le Wagon is an international training organization for Tech professions: Web Development, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering

Training and learning path offered in Data Analysis

Data Analytics essentials

  • Skill course of 40 hours of lessons
  • Online format
  • Objective of learning SQL, Data Visualization techniques
  • Price: €1,490

Web Analytics and Tracking

  • 40 hours of lessons
  • Objective of specialized training in the marketing analysis of traffic on different sites
  • Price: €1,490

Analytics Bootcamp for Career Change

  • 400 hours of training
  • Objective to discover the fundamentals of the Data Analyst profession and land your first job as a Data Analyst.
  • 2 possible formats, online or on one of Le Wagon’s training campuses around the world

How do I finance my training in Data?

Financing training can be a key subject given the price of certain training courses.

Financing data training in France can be done in several ways. Here are some common options for financing data training:

  1. Self-financing: You can choose to finance your training yourself using your savings, a personal loan or by working while taking the training. If you have the financial means, this is a viable option.
  2. Employer funding: If you are already employed, talk to your employer to see if they would be willing to fund all or part of your data training. Some companies encourage the professional development of their employees and offer training or training reimbursement programs.
  3. Personal Training Account (CPF): In France, the Personal Training Account (CPF) allows employees and job seekers to accumulate training hours which can be used to finance data training. You can consult your CPF balance and find eligible training courses on the official My Account Training website.
  4. Funding by Pôle Emploi: If you are unemployed or looking for a job, Pôle Emploi can help you finance your data training. They can provide information on the training schemes available and how to finance them.
  5. Professionalization or apprenticeship contract: If you are eligible, you can follow data training as part of a professional or apprenticeship contract, which may include remuneration during training.
  6. Student loans or scholarships: If you are pursuing data training as part of a university or equivalent course, you may be eligible for student loans or grants to cover tuition costs.
  7. Funding by training organizations: Some training organizations offer payment facilities or internal financing. Inquire directly with schools or training centers to find out their financing options.
  8. Aid from the region or municipality: Certain regions and municipalities in France offer aid and subsidies to encourage professional training. Check with local authorities to find out more about these possibilities.

Before choosing a financing method, it is essential to determine the cost of training, compare different options and ensure that the training you are considering is relevant to your career. It may also be helpful to consult a careers advisor or training provider for advice specific to your situation.

Why carry out training around the profession of Data Analyst?

There are many reasons to train in data analysis. Here are some of the main motivations for undertaking such training:

  1. Growing demand in the labor market: Data analytics has become essential in many industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, technology, e-commerce, logistics, and many others. Businesses are looking for professionals who can extract valuable insights from large amounts of data to make informed decisions.
  2. Career Opportunities: Training in data analysis can open the door to numerous career opportunities. You could become a data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, financial analyst, or work in other roles related to data analysis.
  3. Competitive remuneration: Data analytics professionals are often well paid due to their specialized skills and the constant demand for their services.
  4. Career evolution : If you already work in a field related to data analytics, additional training can help you advance in your career and move into more advanced positions.

In summary, training in data analysis can be a wise decision to improve your skills, expand your professional opportunities and contribute to informed decision-making in many areas. It offers the opportunity to play a key role in today’s data-driven world.

How to find a job as a Data Analyst?

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Tech companies recruiting in Big Data are on the recruitment platform.

Are you a company with a data recruitment project? Do not hesitate to contact our Data recruitment firmspecialized in the search and recruitment of candidates for Data Analyst positions for Tech companies.

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