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What is the job of Cryptography Engineer?

A cryptographic engineer (or cryptologist) is a professional specializing in the design, development, and implementation of cryptography (or cryptology) techniques. Cryptography is the science of protecting information by transforming it in such a way that it becomes unreadable to anyone who does not have the necessary keys to decrypt it. The work and mission of cryptography engineers is therefore to develop solutions aimed at ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data. The end goal is to ensure that a code is secure and cannot be cracked.

These are complex subjects that have high stakes in the context of the development of recent technologies, around cybersecurity, health, and artificial intelligence.

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What are the missions of a cryptography engineer?

The missions of the job of cryptography engineer or cryptologist are as follows:

  • Algorithm design and development: Design and develop robust cryptographic algorithms to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data or code.
  • Implementation of security protocols: Integrate security protocols into computer systems to protect communications and data.
  • Secure software development: Contribute to the creation of secure software using cryptographic methods to protect sensitive information.
  • Key management: Design and implement effective key management systems to ensure appropriate control over access to encrypted data.
  • Security analysis: Evaluate the security of existing systems by identifying and remediating potential vulnerabilities.
  • Network security: Ensure the security of communications on networks by implementing appropriate cryptography mechanisms.
  • Research and development : Participate in research projects to improve cryptography techniques and develop new data protection methods.
  • Response to security incidents: In the event of a security incident, collaborate with incident response teams to understand attacks, propose solutions and strengthen security.

Which companies are recruiting cryptography engineers?

Sectors recruiting crypto engineers

Information and communications technology (ICT):

  • Technology companies, including software vendors, telecommunications companies, and Internet service providers, are hiring crypto engineers to secure communications, systems, and data.

IT security :

  • IT security companies, security solution providers, and security consulting firms hire crypto engineers to design, implement, and evaluate robust security solutions.

Defense and national security:

  • Government agencies, armed forces, and national security-related organizations seek cryptography experts to protect sensitive communications, government data, and critical infrastructure. The defense sector is a provider of jobs in cryptography.

Bank and finance :

  • Financial institutions and the banking industry need cryptographers to ensure the security of electronic transactions, customer data and payment systems.

Health :

  • The healthcare industry has a growing need for security to protect confidential medical information. Cryptographic engineers can work on solutions to ensure health data privacy.

E-commerce and online services:

  • Companies involved in the e-commerce industry and online services use cryptography to secure online transactions, customer information and sensitive data.

Examples of cryptology projects

Here are some examples of cryptography projects:

  • Cryptography projects around facial recognition
  • Video encryption
  • Homomorphic encryption in cybersecurity projects

What training to become a cryptography engineer?

In France, the most classic training path to become a cryptography engineer:

  • Diploma from a major engineering school (bac + 5)
  • Doctorate / PhD in a field of cryptography

Cryptology engineers have at least a bac + 5 education.

What career development in cryptography?

A cryptography engineer can progress to a management position, and supervise a team of cryptologists.
He can also choose to evolve into an expert role within a company.

What is the salary of a cryptography engineer?

The salary level of a junior cryptography engineer is around €45k on a permanent basis, depending on the school and training followed.

Salaries can rise to €70/80k for experienced profiles, with 5 years of experience in cryptography in a company on a permanent contract or in research projects.

For more information on salaries, find our respective studies:

What are the skills of a cryptography engineer?

The main skills used are:

  • Knowledge of mathematics: In-depth understanding of linear algebra, number theory, probability, and mathematical concepts related to cryptography.
  • Cryptographic algorithms: Ability to design, analyze and implement cryptographic algorithms to ensure data security.
  • Programming: Mastery of programming languages ​​such as Python, C, C++, Java, used in the development of secure applications (coding)

These skills make the cryptologist an expert in encryption techniques, coding and algorithms.

Where to find job offers for cryptography engineer positions?

To apply for job offers in cryptography in startups, you can find all advertisements for startup and scale-up jobs on the Licorne Society recruitment platform. Job offers are available:

  • Permanent contract, internship and work-study
  • In Paris, in the rest of France (Lyon, Bordeaux, etc.) and remotely

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