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Payroll training: Master salary management

The daily payroll manager

For a payroll manager to acquire all the knowledge he needs to carry out his missions, he must have good payroll training. Of course, the payroll manager oversees the compensation of other employees in the company. However, this is not its only mission. The payroll manager must also excel in administrative personnel management. Payroll, in addition to being a sensitive subject for many employees, is also a powerful lever for other, more practical aspects. Having a qualified payroll manager can increase business performance and increase employee efficiency. If you have bonuses, whether profit-sharing or participation, this can increase motivation and help keep your talents in your ranks. Thus, the payroll manager has a central role within the company and his training should under no circumstances be neglected. A well-trained payroll manager will be the basis of a peaceful social climate for your employees.

Train to develop your missions within your company

There are different ways to train a payroll manager. If you are already in a company, you can find training that fits your current schedule and you can benefit, depending on your initial training, from a VAE allowing you to avoid certain modules. If you are not yet the payroll manager of your company and you wish to train as part of the skills development plan, you can follow continuing or work-study training. During your training, you will be required to understand different essential concepts to become a good payroll manager. In particular, you will be able to learn how to implement a more innovative remuneration strategy within your company, manage absent staff or voluntary departures or retirement of employees, but also master the URSSAF control methods. Adapted to your level of knowledge in the field, your training will allow you to master all the ins and outs linked to your future work as a payroll manager.

Finance your payroll manager training

As a candidate to become a payroll manager within your company, you have several options to help finance your training. First of all, if you are an employee of your company, you can benefit from total or partial coverage of your training by your OPCO, if your company has fewer than 50 employees. If the training is initiated by your line manager, they may have funds or funding planned to train their employees, in which case you could benefit from it. Finally, you can, as a free candidate outside your working hours, follow professional training remotely using your CPF account. Your company can also top up your CPF account to allow you to follow the training in its entirety.

In conclusion, there are different financing options, linked to your business, which will allow you to train as a payroll manager. The latter has a central role in the company and is the guarantor of a stable and prosperous social climate.

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